ISSN 2309-0103

Issue 7-1 | July 2019

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A Good Practice Example
Path systems connecting forces, materials and robotic tools
Integrated computational design optimization and robotic fabrication workflows

Odysseas Kontovourkis
University of Cyprus

Three-dimensional translation of Japanese Katagami patterns
An investigation through agent-based algorithms applied to architectural
elements and space planning

Ghali Bouayad
Tokyo University of The Arts

Environmental aware shell design
Using solar path as a form finding force

Evangelos Pantazis
University of Southern California

Behaviour and performance analysis against gravitational loads
of a on-traditional, precast, removable and reusable shallow

Juan José Rosas Alaguero
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Static performance-oriented design of variable modular bricks
for automated fabrication using an adaptive formwork

Panagiota Konatzii
University of Cyprus

(De)constructing and analysing a joint
Hector Cantos Coronel
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya