ISSN 2309-0103

Issue 5-2 | February 2018

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Table of contents

Ivan Cabrera i Fausto and Ernesto Fenollosa

A Good Practice Example:
Reliability associated with the use of building structural analysis and design software
Ivan Cabrera i Fausto, Ernesto Fenollosa, Verónica Llopis and Ana Almerich-Chuliá


Black Box Effect in the structural project: Avoiding it with BIM
Víctor Fernández-Mora

Prototypes, models and challenges to architectural education: An examination of the role of computer assisted fabrication in the design process
Antonis Papamanolis

Design of a prototype for the doors of the organ of the Cathedral of Tarragona
Jordi Payola Lahoz

The tale of the miracle of Duisburg: A miracle or an illusion?
Irem Öz

Building Fire Risk Assessment methods: A hierarchical classification
María Fernández-Vigil Iglesias