ISSN 2309-0103

Issue 1-2 | January 2014

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Table of contents

Editor-in-chief´s note
Maria Voyatzaki

Barbara Elisabeth Ascher, Christian Hermansen Cordua

A Good Practice Example:
Scarcity and Creativity
Jon Goodbun


Architectural Acts of Redress: Articulating Scarcity in Cape Town
Sharóne L. Tomer

The Innovative Potential of Scarcity in SA’s Comradely Competition for Communal Housing, 1927
Christina E. Crawford

Home Poor Home - Strategies for Housing the New Poor: Typological and Technological Innovation for Contemporary Housing Habits
Luisa Otti

Scarcity and Ocean Space- Case-study Barents Sea, Norway
Nancy Couling

Sense and Sensibility: The Behaviourism / Phenomenology Debate in the Portsmouth Symposium of 1967 on Design Methods in Architecture
Theodora Vardouli